Final Video


Screenshot of Final Video 2

                                                     Screenshot by Natasha Vos. All Rights Reserved.

For my final video project for COMM 240, I co-produced and edited a short video showcasing St. Cloud State University’s multicultural, or simply cultural, center. The center was the result of a 1995 hunger strike coordinated by a student organization, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA). After student protestors called for more cultural inclusion, SCSU administrators established the cultural center on campus.

Our video was filmed using Panasonic AC 90 camera, tripod and external microphone. My partner and I edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud on an iMac computer.  “Sky Blue,” the accompanying song composed by George Apsion, was used with permission from Killer Tracks.

Our video can be viewed on YouTube.

0:00-0:08 Shot 1 – Medium close-up shot of Natasha with title and subtitle

0:08-0:13 Shot 2 – Cutaway shot to the 13 Totem Poles

0:14-0:26 Shot 3 – Medium close-up shot of Natasha

0:27-0:32 Shot 4 – Very wide shot of the outside of the cultural center

0:33-0:35 Shot 5 – Low angle zoom-in of the sign

0:35-0:39 Shot 6 – Wide shot of a student walking into the center

0:39-0:45 Shot 7 – Wide shot of the student exiting the center

0:46-0:54 Shot 8 – Extreme wide shot horizontal panorama of students socializing in the center

0:55-1:00 Shot 9 – High angle of a closer look at the students

1:00-1:04 Shot 10 – High angle from a different perspective of the students

1:04-1:08 Shot 11 – Cut-in shot of a student using a computer in the center

1:08-1:12 Shot 12 – Low angle horizontal panorama of student associations

1:12-1:15 Shot 13 – Handheld and follow of Johnnathan entering the center

1:16-1:19 Shot 14 – Point of view shot from Johnnathan’s perspective entering the center

1:20-1:24 Shot 15 – Eye-level angle vertical down swipe of décor

1:24-1:28 Shot 16 – Eye-level angle vertical up swipe of decor

1:28-1:34 Shot 17 – Medium close-up shot of Johnnathan

1:34-1:40 Shot 18 – Rolling credits

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