I received an associate degree in liberal arts from St. Cloud Technical & Community College in May 2015. The following August, I transferred to St. Cloud State University where I’m currently pursuing a double major. By 2017, I plan to have a bachelor’s degree in mass communications with a news editorial emphasis and a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Writing marks the start of civilization and behaves as a powerful force in shaping and defining culture. Writing can also shape and define politics. Proponents of free speech argue that democracy cannot exist without freedom of thought or expression. These concepts provide the impetus for my current studies in print journalism and political science.


St. Cloud Technical & Community College Commencement Ceremony (2015)

The more eccentric side of my personality is deeply enamored of animals. Aside from my parents, older brother and me, my family has comprised a feisty field spaniel, a beloved Rottweiler, an ill-fated red-clawed crab, two rambunctious guinea pigs, three comet goldfish and a myriad of emperor scorpions. I also enjoy plants and have a special appreciation for cacti. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a green thumb, a discovery I made at the expense of three cacti. My apartment is now limited to a few stalks of bamboo and an indoor bonsai tree.

My credentials include graduating from St. Cloud Technical & Community College with academic honors. My cumulative GPA at graduation was 3.93 with a 100% course completion rate. In 2011, I helped construct a duplex with Habitat for Humanity of Central Minnesota.



Insert images by Natasha Vos. All rights reserved.

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