Adobe Dreamweaver


First website

A screenshot of my first website created using Adobe Dreamweaver. Photo by Natasha Vos. All rights reserved.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an application that helps simplify website development, a process that incorporates Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets. Users with varying degrees of knowledge about website development can create website prototypes that feature text, images and responsive designs, all which can be accessed on computers and mobile devices. Heavily praised for its user-friendly features,  Adobe Dreamweaver is capable of appeasing users no matter where they fall on the experience spectrum. That is, highly experienced web designers and developers can appreciate the advanced options offered, while newbies like me are gently guided along by coding assistance. This is significant as we move away from traditional modes of communication and self-expression, and continue integrating the internet into our self-identities. With Adobe Dreamweaver, the once small group of people that comprised web developers is becoming more inclusive. Using web development software like Adobe Dreamweaver and standalone text editors like TextWrangler (which allow users to edit computer text files), creating a website is more possible for the self-taught than it was several years ago.

For an idea of how Adobe Dreamweaver functions, please see the YouTube video below (posted by YouTube channel “Greg Davis”). If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe Dreamweaver or are considering purchasing the program, visit Adobe’s  official site.